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      Protection for Your Religious Institution

      You receive a flexible, customized package that fits your special insurance needs with the Religious Institutions Package Policy. If you suffer a covered loss, we help you recover, so you can concentrate on serving your congregation and community.

      Some of the distinctive features of this program include coverage for:


      • permanently installed organs, pews, alters, pulpits, sound and lighting equipment, baptismal fonts
      • building glass, including stained glass
      • personal effects of clergy, trustees, employees, volunteers and guests
      • appurtenant structures, like storage buildings and maintenance sheds


      • liability coverage for members, volunteers, trustees and church officials while performing their duties on behalf of your religious organization
      • medical payments for trustees and church officials, members and volunteers nonemployed while performing duties on your behalf, both on and off your premises


      • employee theft of money, securities or other tangible property
      • theft, disappearance or destruction of money and securities  when on or off your premises, doubling the limits on specified holidays of your choice

      Optional Coverages

      You can purchase a multitude of Cincinnati coverages for an extra premium charge:

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